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soc una dona

Gender-based violence is the violence experienced by women simply for being women. As a result of unequal relationships with male partners that are rooted in sexism, we cannot be wholly independent or engage in full active citizenship, which is a violation of human rights. We all have the right to live our lives in freedom without being discriminated against, exploited or abused. If you are in an unjust situation or know somebody who is, know that you are not alone. We are here to help you.

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That’s what you’re here for

  • Text: Redacció
  • Fotografia: Maria Codina

‘That’s what you’re here for’ is a conversation between Catalans of different origins who share a common hostile reality and recognize each other in the desire to transform it from feminism. The conversation shows a process of recognizing the other that leads to the collective affirmation against patriarchal oppression and an invitation to become aware and act.

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Rosalie Belemtougri
07.03.2021 Feminismes
Adama Boiro Adama Boiro

I will keep fighting for my values: equal rights and mutual respect

  • Text: Asmaa Aouattah
  • Fotografia: Redacció

When many of us were locked down at home, working remotely and staying safe, Silvia had to walk around the streets of Mataró to get to the homes of the people that she got assigned through Servei d’Atenció Domiciliària de Mataró (the elderly care home services of Mataró). She also has to go all over the town to gather fabrics, rubbing alcohol and more materials to make her own rudimentary PPE. Silvia and I have chatted about that and much more in a video call. She also showed me from her home her resistance weapons.  When she called me she was making stars out of cardboard but they did not turn out very well. She laughed while she showed me.

Silvia Llanto