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Create a safe space

Find a way to talk about it privately. Tell her that you’re worried. Convey trust and peace of mind so that she feels safe. Give her time to talk about it.

Take her seriously

Listen and believe what she tells you. Women who share a terrible situation are often not taken seriously. Do not downplay it; do not say “oh, that guy at work is really nice”, or “your husband is a wonderful father, it’s probably really not that bad”. Believe what she says.

Support her

If she feels guilty, make her understand that there is no justification for abuse and mistreatment; the aggressor is entirely responsible. Repress the anger that you feel inside. Offer to help her and respect her decisions.

Do not judge her

Be respectful, do not judge or make her doubt herself. Do not question her motives or decisions. Help her to focus on her strengths and gain confidence.

Give her time

She may find it hard to trust you. Be patient, recognising the problem is the first step. Suggest meeting again soon. Persevere and do not falter.

Learn more

Get advice from professionals who can guide you as to the best course of action.

She is not alone

Tell her that you are with her and that you will find solutions together.

Encourage her to get help

Do not pressure her into taking drastic measures. Help her to learn about her rights and suggest that she talk to professionals.

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